We had the great opportunity to present PROFID to world-leading cardiology experts at the EHRA Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

Gerhard Hindricks gave a presentation about the “Generation of novel randomized evidence for the role of primary prevention ICD under contemporary treatment”, in which he showed once again why the PROFID project is urgently needed for the improvement of patient care.

After a long period without face-to-face meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we finally have been able to meet the Steering Committee and the National Coordinators of the PROFID trial and to discuss the upcoming PROFID trial and its requirements in detail.

In addition, we hosted the 1st PROFID Investigator Meeting, where we came together with potentially participating investigators from all over Europe in order to introduce the PROFID trial.

We would like to thank EHRA for the great support and all who attend these sessions. We look forward to start the PROFID trial soon.

The presentations can be viewed at the following link: