The PROFID study is a very interesting but also challenging project for the CRI team. On the one hand, it is part of a series of large pan-European studies that we have performed in recent years, but PROFID is under tremendous time pressure due to public funding and the time lines defined by it. Therefore, we will only be able to lead this project to success in close cooperation with the participating study centers in Europe. Key to success will be a continuously high inclusion rate of suitable patients throughout the entire course of the study.

Dr. Thomas Fetsch
CEO CRI – The Clinical Research Institute

CRI – The Clinical Research Institute in Munich, Germany, is a full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialized in large international, commercial and non-commercial (academic) clinical studies in Europe covering both, drug trials and medical device studies. Key areas of research are cardiovascular medicine and pulmonary diseases but general activities cover a large variety of medical fields. CRI provides experience with research projects with medical devices and drugs among all countries of Europe with currently > 500 contracted clinical sites. In some studies, CRI managed as lead CRO also involvement of study sites in USA and Australia. 

Due to the large experience, established methods/technics and a great network, CRI will lead the conducting the PROFID trial. Currently, the CRI team is formed by about 50 staff members and subcontracted local supporters originating from a variety of countries and regions, covering major European languages. The dedicated PROFID team at CRI will be the major partner in communication and processing over the total trial period, however, many additional staff members will support in the background, e. g. the regulatory affairs team, data management, statistics, quality management, accounting and others.