We are pleased to announce that a very important step for the clinical trial has been taken. Since the start of the PROFID project in 2020, EHRA highly supports the project and the involved trial as a consortium partner via the ESC. This close cooperation between PROFID and EHRA has now been further strengthened; in July 2023 the acronym of the trial was modified from “PROFID” to “PROFID EHRA” underlining the strategic involvement of EHRA in the trial that is expected to influence substantially future clinical practice in the field of primary defibrillator implantation after myocardial infarction.

EHRA president, Professor Jose L. Merino, represents EHRA in the Steering Committee of the renamed PROFID EHRA trial. Professor Merino is personally very engaged; he is the National Coordinator of the PROFID EHRA trial in Spain.